Palestine 100 Initiative: The Concept

Palestine 100 Initiative (P100I) core mission is to keep the candle of hope and the Palestinian flame of activism alive and proliferating. While seeking freedom and independence, it is intended to preserve the broader Palestinian cultural heritage both oral and physical, and to promote it to the wider public, including future generations. Moreover, it aims to act as an umbrella for a vast network of groups that wish to connect and collaborate in different spaces, regions and different languages.

The P100I is an independent, non-partisan, non-ethnic, non-religious and non-sectarian initiative seeking to serve the general rights of Palestinians and to unite and involve every human being who has the good and sincere interest of Palestinians in his or her heart and mind.  These aims reflect the concept of its founder Dr Makram Khoury-Machool to create a selfless, ego-less initiative focusing on delivering short-medium-long term programmes. 

Partnership and collaboration are at the heart of the ‘P100I’. It wishes to receive, discuss and produce ideas for plans where the person who suggests them, is expected to lead or take a leading part in realising them. This is to ensure that partners are involved in a proactive collective. It tackles various disciplines and sectors, including art, theatre, film, to politics, health, archaeology and law. Through its cooperative activities, P100I aims at educating different segments or new generations of the public who desire to learn about Palestine; to keep those already aware, interested and well-informed of continued developments and through the latter; improving the welfare of Palestinians, and empower them. 

Launching its first event in London on the mid of December 2016, the P100I aims to encourage, facilitate and support the production of ideas into fully-fledged programmes. In the first instance, the initiative will last for one year (1 January–31 December 2017). However, it may continue in various forms after an assessment of the different outputs. 

We urge you to support and join us. The P100I is where you can make your idea for supporting Palestine come true in various meaningful, innovative, creative and peaceful shapes. We expect you to be with us – so that we can be together, for Palestine, and in principle, set an example for all oppressed peoples across the globe, to exemplify power in unity and the fundamental right to exist.

* Please let us know if you wish to suggest a programme;

* Alternatively, make a donation of any sort; 

* Or if you want to join the Advisory Board (based on your legitimate capacity/background);

* Alternatively, a member of the Board of Trustees (also based on your legitimate capacity/background);

* Or to just be an anonymous supporter in case your circumstances do not allow you to operate publicly. 

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